The best writing has purpose while balancing a distinct voice designed for your audience. Below are a few examples of doing just that for clients and partners.

Eventbrite Marketing Blog

The marketing team at Eventbrite needed content geared for a specific sub-group with unique needs: professional event organizers who leverage technology. 

The goal was to create content that educated readers on event operations and best practices while also advising Eventbrite as a partner that can impact their business needs.

The result was a series of posts designed to  convert Eventbrite's readership into MQLs while also positioning themselves as thought leaders in their space.

OneMob Blog

Start-ups have needs, lots and lots of needs. One of OneMob's top priorities as a new company was awareness, or simply letting people know they exist.

While working on their sales strategy, I also featured on their blog to help shape their story to potential customers. From informational posts to partnering for video-blogs, it was great to set the foundation for a promising tech company.

Check out the article for a first-hand glance.


Skaled is a modern sales consulting firm that helps companies scale effectively and efficiently.

As their contracted Content Specialist, I help with go-to-market strategy including market-specific email campaigns, call scripts, and demand gen cadences. Clients are modern sales-minded leaders across the Technology, HR, and Talent industries.

Check out Skaled to learn how we can parter for your go-to-market strategy.

Sports Wellness Summit

SWS is an event that explores best practices and methodologies in training, recovery, nutrition, technology and mindfulness. Our goal is to bring about a tangible and measurable shift in North America’s understanding of holistic health and wellness.

As their email copywriter, I create the copy and brand voice for email communications. We inform, grow, and entertain our audience all while driving traffic to our website and event landing page.

Join our journey in wellness below.