Little Things We Learn in Sales

Little Things We Learn in Sales

We all learn one way or another, sometimes the easy way and sometimes the hard way. After a few years of High-Tech sales, here's a few things I've picked up along the way:

Master small talk

Vacations at the end of the quarter are never going to happen

Cold calling sucks

Prospecting take more time than cold calling

Both are rough

I can’t pay rent with verbals

Metrics are how your boss will decide if you’re working hard

Befriend Spotify for long hours

Procurement’s job is to make your life hell. Get used to it. There is no way around this.

Perception is everything: be visible, be heard

Marketing doesn’t if care you hate them, they probably hate you too

Don’t spend your commission check before you get it

“Bear with me" is how our British friends say “please hold."

Revenue is king

Linkedin connections are not Facebook friends

50 hour work week is normal

You can master lunch in 15 minutes

Love thy desk, it is now your cafeteria too

Make friends with your corporate lawyers

Its always darkest before dawn (ok Batman taught me that too)

Don’t give up, ever.



Don’t You Dare Just Demo

Don’t You Dare Just Demo

Don’t Write Emails, Craft Them

Don’t Write Emails, Craft Them