Sales 3.0 - Video Messaging

Sales 3.0 - Video Messaging

If the rumors are true, then Sales Enablement 3.0 is upon us, and this puts us sales and tech professionals at yet another split in the road: to continue down the current path with our social selling and email tracking, or take a slight left at the bend and see what new concepts have surfaced.

If you’ve had your ear to the ground lately, you’d agree we’re moving towards heavier sales automation, predictive sales intelligence, and video messaging. Given sales automation is the most established, and sales intelligence is difficult enough for the wisest and most experienced — thus my doubt that A.I. can do it better — I’ll take a go with video messaging. 

 Primarily, we need to understand what video messaging is to the B2B space and then what value it provides to sales messaging and pipeline generation. 

What is it? In it’s simple elegance, video messaging is recording and sending sales and marketing messaging via email. Sending video in B2B sales, as prospects have told me, is a novel concept. The goal is to create a video for your audience, whether it’s to set a new meeting to a specific person or to promote awareness for your event/cause to a broader audience. 

How does it work? - I have my software of choice, but there are a small handful of video messaging platforms for recording and sending video messages. Features and quality vary, like CRM integrations, mobile apps, corporate branding, and even DNS set-up for the enterprise crowd. Their goal, generally speaking, is to provide technology for a trackable and scalable recording and sending solution.

Why would I do such a thing? 

1. Video thumbnails deliver the highest CTRs

      This is where message differentiation comes into play. Majority of buyers already think you and your competition are more-or-less the same (via The Challenger Sale), so if your messaging looks the same too, then they’re ignoring your email all the same. Since great sales people take the time to know their audience and tailor their message, do yourself the favor and give that great messaging the best odds of being seen.

2. It doesn't get more personalized or trustworthy.

     Sales automation has made sales people seem like robots in that there’s minimal room for personalization, so most emails look the same at first glance. Seeing a smiling face, a company logo, plus physically hearing and seeing the sales person carries weight — the type of weight sales people long to replicate via their rare and invaluable face-to-face meetings. If I had a dollar for every time a prospect noted I’m “the guy with a beard from the video” as we began our first meeting, I’d have enough dollars for Chipotle for me and a friend, plus guac. 

Applications: whether one-to-one or one-to-many, there’s no better means of driving high CTRs than a video thumbnail (MarketingProfs). So if you need your initial message to be received, I’d advise a video. A personal, digital approach is best for top tier accounts, but I’ve also had great success with a general message with details targeting a vertical, role, company, etc.

Some of the most effective and common applications are: breaking-in, resurrecting dead leads, reactive messaging, promotions/brand awareness and introducing your Client Success department. I’ll expand on these in the near future to guide fellow adopters. 

Keep in mind:

Video is an additional outlet to phone calls and emails that go hand-in-hand with any sales position. Phone and email aren’t going away anytime soon, but my bet is video will be the next accepted addition, creating the Big Three in foundational sales outreach. 

Adopting video is coming at a time where sales automation is bigger than ever and growing, pitching value via a wider and more consistent net. So, while the sales effectiveness space is preaching volume, video is singing personal touch. In my experience, there can be a nice marriage of both, but let’s save that for another day. 

Disclosure: At the original publish date I was a Sr. Account Executive at OneMob, the video messaging platform for


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